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Best Business Credit Cards With 0% APR – February 2024

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best business credit cards with 0 apr
Business Credit Cards With 0%  APR

Capital is essential to running any successful business, and borrowing can be one way of securing it. Our list of Best Business Credit Cards With 0% APR may provide just what’s needed to secure capital for starting or expanding your venture.

What Is a 0% APR Business Credit Card?

An interest-free period means that during this specified timeframe, no interest will accrue on any balance charged. When this period concludes, however, a standard APR usually takes effect. APR stands for “Annual Percentage Rate,” or the total of all annual interest generated, though that doesn’t guarantee it won’t compound daily.

There are both personal and business 0% APR cards with zero percent interest rates available; with business cards typically being used to cover business expenses.

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TWNToday’s Best Business Credit Cards With 0% APR

Credit CardBest ForCredit ScoreAnnual FeeWelcome Bonus
The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American ExpressBest 0% APR Business Credit Card for Earning Flexible RewardsExcellent/GoodNo annual feeEarn 15,000 points
The American Express Blue Business Cash™ CardBest 0% APR Business Credit Card for Earning Cash BackExcellent/GoodNo annual feeEarn $250
Bank of America® Business Advantage Customized Cash Rewards Mastercard® credit cardBest 0% APR Business Card for Preferred Rewards MembersExcellent Credit$0$300
Ink Business Cash® Credit CardBest 0% APR Business Card for Included Travel and Consumer BenefitsExcellent, Good$0Earn $750 bonus cash back
Ink Business Unlimited® Credit CardBest 0% APR Business Card for Flat-Rate Rewards and Included BenefitsExcellent, Good$0Earn $750 bonus cash back
State Farm Business Cash Rewards Visa Signature® CardBest 0% APR Business Card With Unique BenefitsExcellent/Good$0N/A
GM Business™ Mastercard®Best 0% APR Business Card for GM Car OwnersGood, Excellent$0$750 Rewards
Bank of America® Business Advantage Travel Rewards World Mastercard® credit cardBest 0% APR Business Credit Card With High Limit Travel Accident InsuranceExcellent$030,000 points

How Does APR Affect Business Credit Cards?

Signing up for a business credit card offering 0% APR offers will allow you to take advantage of an interest-free purchase or balance transfer for an agreed-upon period. As long as payments are made on time, this rate will remain.


Once your promotional period ends, interest will begin accruing on any outstanding balance on your card. Each card may offer different terms regarding zero percent APR charges – so if an extended 0% rate is important to you be sure to select accordingly.


1. Do 0% APR credit cards exist?

No-interest credit cards offer interest-free borrowing for only a short period – usually six to 18 months, depending on the credit card. Once that promotional period ends, your 0% APR will revert to the regular ongoing APR.

2. What is the best business credit card with no APR?

No one credit card offers the optimal 0% APR business credit card rates; however, two standout options on our list: American Express Blue Business(r) Plus Credit Card and Ink Business Cash(r).


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3. What’s the difference between 0% APR and low interest?

Periods of 0% APR do not always translate to low interest. A 0% introductory APR period will eventually transition into the card’s standard APR rate and interest will start accruing on any remaining balance at the end of its low intro APR period; low interest typically refers to cards offering reduced standard APR rates (most rewards credit cards do not).

4. What are the credit requirements for a 0% APR card?

Personal credit cards primarily rely on your personal history for approval, while business credit cards help build one. Such lenders include Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business Credit, and Equifax Small Business.


If your business lacks established credit, card issuers may look to your personal history for verification. If your credit rating is less-than-stellar and you’re just getting started, consider applying for a business-secured credit card to build up a positive profile.