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Lowe’s Credit Card is a great option for home improvements. Special financing deals are also available to cardholders. This card will help you in many ways if you are planning a major home improvement project.

The Lowe’s Card can be used only for Lowe’s. The card offers a 5% discount for eligible purchases.

You’ll need to carefully read the terms because they may include deferred interests, which are usually not as attractive as an intro credit card offering.

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Welcome Bonus

New accounts can receive a 20% discount up to $100 on any qualifying purchase.

Benefits and perks

You’ll get a 5% off on all purchases when you use the Lowe’s Card. This discount is subject to some important restrictions.

Cardholders can take advantage of special financing deals and discounts, as well as regular, limited-time discounts.

It does not apply to services, installation fees, or other purchases. This discount cannot be combined or applied to gift cards and services.

The card members of the MasterCard can also benefit from a deferred-interest offer for purchases that are at least $299. 

This deal is more risky than the 0% APR because you are responsible for all the interest if you do not pay the purchase off in full within six months.

New accounts can also qualify for fixed payments and a reduced APR. If you spend $2,000 on eligible purchases, you may qualify for fixed monthly payments over 84 months at a 9.99% annual percentage rate.

Are there any rewards?

This card does not have a rewards program.

What are the Rates and fees?

Standard APR of the Lowe’s Card is 28.99%, with a $2 minimum charge.

Is the Lowes Advantage card right for you?

The 5% Lowe’s Card discount can be a big deal, but only if you are sure that the items you purchase qualify.

Store cards are not popular because they lack rewards programs or have restrictions on how you can use them. home improvements are a different story. It’s easy to spend thousands on renovating a space or upgrading appliances. 

Compare the offers with those of the best credit cards that offer 0% APR. Deferred interest deals aren’t always as good as straight 0%-APR credit cards.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to finance an expensive purchase, it may be best to open a credit card that offers a 0% APR intro period. Credit cards offer no-interest financing which tends to be better than the Lowe’s credit card.

This discount can add up quickly for costly home improvement or maintenance purchases. 

The Lowe’s Card can be used to make purchases in U.S. Lowe’s stores and online. The card offers 5% off on all purchases that are eligible and also special financing options. 

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