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TCL launched Nxtwear S Plus AR glasses featuring 120Hz OLED screens

TCL Nxtwear S Plus specs are here!

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TCL Nxtwear S Plus

TCL Nxtwear S Plus is available to buyers at $399/PS399/AU$699. The TCL specifications offer great upgrades compared to their predecessors and deserve to be called Plus models.

Similar to their predecessors, these glasses can connect wirelessly with compatible devices like phones or consoles via either a USB-C Display Port or adaptors enabling you to watch shows, games, and stream movies or apps on a large virtual screen.

According to a press release from XREAL, the company has sold 350,000 AR glasses, including its XREAL Air, and XREAL Air Pro sunglasses. Check how XREAL takes over 51% of the augmented-reality market

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TCL Nxtwear S Plus (credit:
TCL Nxtwear S Plus (credit:

TCL launched Nxtwear S Plus AR glasses Display

The dual displays now boast a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz instead of just 60Hz, enhancing visuals to appear much smoother than before.

The new OLED displays offer full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) on displays with equivalent screen sizes of two 15-inch monitors placed six meters from your face for two-dimensional visuals, while they boast 3840 x 1080 resolution for three-dimensional pictures.

They now feature 600 nits of brightness; an increase of 200 from their predecessor, the 400-nit TCL Nxtwear S, and 100 over 500-nit Xreal Air 2 Pro specifications.

2 Grams Less Weight

TCL Nxtwear S Plus smart glasses weigh two grams less than their predecessors at 87g instead of 89g.

Additional expenses

There are special cables that let you connect more devices, as well as adapters with an internal battery so as not to drain your device’s battery so quickly.

Adding all these extras can add further expenses on top of spending an initial $399 device price tag.

Adapters are one of the key issues with smart glasses. For the optimal experience, you may require some not-so-optional extras to complement your experience.

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Whisper Mode

Noise leakage can also be an issue for smart glasses with their open-ear speakers, though TCL Nxtwear S Plus glasses feature a Whisper Mode to minimize sound escaping to those around you from its 0.5mm stereo speakers.

Where to Buy TCL Nxtwear S Plus AR glasses?

The new TCL Nxtwear S Plus is available to purchase on Amazon currently. Also, they are shipping internationally. However, in some countries, it is still not available. Make sure to check the list of eligible countries for purchase.

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