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Elon Musk has revealed his monetization plans for X to compete with streaming platforms

Aaron Kohn



Elon Musk has revealed his monetization plans for X to compete with streaming platforms.

Elon Musk revealed aggressive monetization strategies for X to compete against Twitch and Kick as well as YouTube and other streaming platforms. Elon Musk, who bought Twitter in 2011, has spent the last few years transforming it, rebranding to X, and adding multiple features, with mixed results.

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Elon regularly broadcasts Diablo 4 to thousands of viewers. Musk revealed during a stream that X would compete with the big streaming websites and encourage creators to use his platform because of its large monetary rewards.

Elon Musk announces a revenue-sharing plan for X to compete against Twitch

Fortune reports that Musk wants to pay streamers for all advertising revenue in broadcasts. “Any advertising that’s in your replies, so if you were to post a stream, any advertising that’s in the replies, you get all the previous… all the advertising revenue. So sometimes that can be quite a lot,” the Tesla CEO said.

Elon Musk also revealed that X will “definitely add tipping and paid subscription plans” in addition to ad revenues, although it still needs some work.

Musk said that streamers will be able to decide whether they wish to charge a subscription fee or not. He gave an example where a user would pay just 1 Euro per month. However, it could depend on each streamer to determine the price.

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“You can choose how much, but it’s like, I think one of the perks is like, you can even restrict the chat, or some of the chats, to be just subscribers. So then, you know, the advantage is that somebody subscribing then, they get to chat.”

X’s entry into the streamer space would be a welcome addition to the competition, particularly with the planned perks.

Twitch currently offers a split of 50/50 for its subscribers, while Kick has changed the rules by offering a split of 95/5. However, it appears that X may be the better option for people with large audiences.

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