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FID BKG SVC LLC Charge on Your Credit Card Statement Explained

Pauline Galeano




If you’ve noticed a charge labeled “FID BKG SVC LLC” on your credit card statement, you might be wondering what it is and why it’s there. This article will explain the details of this charge, why it appears, and how to handle it if you suspect it’s incorrect.

What is “FID BKG SVC LLC”?

“FID BKG SVC LLC” stands for Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC. This charge typically appears on your credit card statement if you’ve made a transaction related to Fidelity Investments, such as purchasing mutual funds, stocks, bonds, or other financial services offered by Fidelity.


Why Did I Receive a “FID BKG SVC LLC” Charge?

There are several reasons why you might see a “FID BKG SVC LLC” charge on your credit card:

  1. Investment Transactions: If you’ve recently bought or sold investments through Fidelity, this charge may reflect those transactions.
  2. Account Fees: Fidelity may charge fees for managing your account, providing financial advice, or other brokerage services.
  3. Service Fees: This could include fees for additional services like wire transfers, account maintenance, or special transactions.

Is the “FID BKG SVC LLC” Charge Legitimate?

In most cases, a “FID BKG SVC LLC” charge is legitimate, especially if you are a Fidelity Investments customer. However, it’s essential to verify each charge:

    • Review Your Account: Log into your Fidelity account and review recent transactions to see if they match the charge on your statement.
    • Contact Fidelity: If you’re unsure about a charge, contact Fidelity’s customer service for clarification.

What to Do if You Suspect Fraud

If you don’t recognize the “FID BKG SVC LLC” charge and believe it may be fraudulent, take the following steps:


    1. Contact Your Credit Card Issuer: Report the charge to your credit card issuer immediately. They can provide details about the transaction and help resolve potential fraud.
    2. Monitor Your Accounts: Keep an eye on your other financial accounts for any unusual activity.
  1. Change Your Passwords: As a precaution, change your passwords for your financial accounts to protect against further unauthorized access.


Q: What is Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC?
A: Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC is a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments, providing brokerage and investment services to individuals and institutions.

Q: Can I dispute a “FID BKG SVC LLC” charge?
A: Yes, you can dispute the charge by contacting your credit card issuer and Fidelity Investments to investigate and resolve the issue.


Q: How can I avoid unexpected charges from Fidelity?
A: Regularly review your Fidelity account statements and be aware of any fees associated with your investments and services.

Q: Is “FID BKG SVC LLC” related to identity theft?
A: Not necessarily. While it can indicate fraud if you don’t recognize the charge, it is often a legitimate charge from Fidelity Investments. Always verify with your account statements and contact Fidelity if in doubt.

Q: What services might result in a “FID BKG SVC LLC” charge?
A: Services can include investment transactions, account management fees, financial advisory services, and other brokerage-related activities.



A “FID BKG SVC LLC” charge on your credit card statement is typically associated with transactions or services provided by Fidelity Investments. By regularly monitoring your account and understanding the nature of these charges, you can ensure your finances are secure and avoid unnecessary confusion. If you have any doubts or questions about a specific charge, don’t hesitate to contact Fidelity or your credit card issuer for assistance.

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