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Mario vs. Donkey Kon Trailer Reveals New Worlds

Pradeep Yadav



Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Photo: Nintendo

Since DK’s last original game, it has been several years. With a Donkey Kong Country area opening up in Super Nintendo World Japan this year there is a chance that the big ape will get more attention from Nintendo.

The original Mario Vs. Donkey Kong game was released in 2004 on the Game Boy Advance. Mario Vs. Donkey Kon reignited the rivalry between Mario and Donkey Kong by pitting Mario and Donkey Kong against each other in a series of puzzle stages. 

A new trailer was also released, along with a few new worlds not found in the original. Merry Mini-Land and Slippery Summit are the new worlds. Watch the trailer below.

Nintendo revealed that Mario Vs. Donkey Kong will be available on the Nintendo Switch starting February 16th. Mario became a household brand on NES, but Donkey Kong remained a second banana, appearing only in arcade throwbacks. 

Merry Mini-Land was inspired by an amusement park while Slippery Summit is a mountainous area covered in ice. 

Along with the new areas, there are also two new play styles that players can expect: Classic and casual. Classic maintains the gameplay of the original game while Casual is a simpler challenge for players with less experience.

The game was never ported to any other Nintendo platform before the Switch remake. However, it did have sequels for DS, 3DS, and more.

Donkey Kong becomes obsessed with Mini Marios, a line of toys. The big ape breaks into the factory to steal the toys when he discovers they are sold out in the toy shop. Mario then goes to retrieve them.

Mario and Donkey Kong appeared in the first Donkey Kong game in 1981. In the years since Nintendo has taken two different paths with these characters. 1985’s Super Mario Bros. 

Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe both featured the Kong family. Ultimate, as well as remakes or ports such as Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Mario vs. Donkey Kong. 

Rare’s Donkey Kong Country altered DK’s course in 1994. In that game, the original character was an old grump called Cranky Kong. A new Donkey Kong then became the main character.

In the Super Mario Brothers Movie, the story of Mario and Donkey Kon was emphasized. The two characters started as rivals in the movie but later became friends. 

Donkey Kong, one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters, has not had much involvement in the Nintendo Switch age. 

The timing of the Mario Vs. Donkey Kong could not be better. It should be perfect for anyone who enjoys the rivalry between these two characters.

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