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What is a TikTok shadowban and how to fix it?

Pradeep Yadav



What is a TikTok shadowban and how to fix it?

You may have been “shadowbanned” if you notice that engagement has dropped dramatically on TikTok. But what is this and how can you remove it? TikTok is becoming the go-to platform for people to share viral videos. More and more content creators flock to this short-form video app to establish their presence.

Many people are watching their activity and noticing when it drops off. This phenomenon is attributed to shadowbans by some, but the solution isn’t easy.

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What is a shadowban on TikTok?

Shadowbanning is when a service or platform blocks or partially blocks a user’s visibility on a site, without informing the person. Shadowbanning is a common phenomenon that occurs on many different websites, including Instagram.

However, some question whether or not shadowbans are “real” on TikTok. You might find your videos no longer appear on the For You Pages of other users, resulting in a decrease in engagement.

Why are you shadowbanned on TikTok?

When your account is blocked for violating the TikTok community guidelines, you’re likely to be shadowbanned. Although there are no definitive reasons for shadowbans yet, it’s possible that they could be caused by violations of spam guidelines or copyrighted songs.

How to get unshadow banned on TikTok

You can try to fix the problem if you think your videos have been hidden on For You Pages.

  • Change to Business Account: By changing to Business Account, you’ll be able to access more detailed analytics on TikTok than you would on your normal account. This will theoretically help you determine how your video is being accessed, and therefore the cause of any problems.
  • Remove potentially offensive content: You may be able to get back onto people’s “For You Pages” by deleting videos that TikTok will likely flag as adult or spam.
  • Reinstall TikTok: This is a tried and true trick. If you suspect that the performance issue may be due to the app, simply deleting it, and then reinstalling can force updates.

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It’s important to note that none of the ‘fixes’ will guarantee that this issue is resolved. Shadowbans are a concept that has left many TikTok customers confused. However, the platform has yet to provide any specific details.

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